15 November 2005

The Island

On the way up here to Calgary, I actually watched the movie on the plane, The Island. It was, well, eh. But I was mesmerized by it because it was about cloning and organ harvesting. It was supposed to be a thriller, but it kind of plodded along like the drones in it. It attempted to raise bio-ethics and moral issues, but they got lost in Ewan McGregor's eyes, errr, the poor dialog. The evil-bad-guy was very Steve Jobs like, dressed in all black with a black turtleneck and black blazer... I thought Jobs-analogies were supposed to be good guys? I guess the director agrees with me that's he's an impotent oligarch, so +1 for him. I also give it a thumb's up for great scenes of Hummer H2's getting all smashed up and exploding - something that would just make me cum in my khakis if I saw that out on the Tollway.