26 November 2005

Thanksgiving at the beach

SHG and I went to Surfside Beach to spend Thanksgiving with my friends A&V, from San Antonio, their three little one's and V's folks & sister. They rented a house down there for several days to get away from everything. The house is on the water, and V's mom cooked up a storm of food, which along with a nice bottle of vodka or two made for a good backdrop to just hanging out. It was really nice, relaxed, and the little ones were a trip. I usually arrive with goodies in tow for them, so upon arrival, after a "shot" (more like a goblet) of Grey Goose and a toast, we went to town on the presents:

The one on the left is my little buddy, she's a little ball of fire!

During the meal I held the newest addition to their family, D, so that they could actually eat while herding the other two. Anyway, we fell asleep at the table...

Now, I will let you guess whose drool is whose!

There were a couple of visits to the water, and just general hanging around. What was interesting was after the kids all went to bed, I suddenly realized I was one of the "adults" that I remember "staying up" after I had to go to bed as a kid... it was one of those "gee, I guess I am a grown-up" moments... and momentarily creepy... but it passed quickly.

Then SHG and I went back into town and met up with the posse around 9:30 for the big post-Thanksgiving night out at the bars. We had a blast, missing D because his guests from out of town fell asleep and I. because he's down in the Valley with his family, back yesterday.

So, a great Thanksgiving. Now, the post-imbibing headache yesterday is a different story...