15 December 2005

"junk email" analysis

I have ordered stuff online in the past from redenvelope.com and brookstone.com, among a host of other online companies. Amazon sends maybe one email a month, consistently, about some CD or book that matches the profile they have built of me based on what I have purchased in the past. Red Envelope and Brookstone, during the year, basically send nothing out on email, maybe something from Red Envelope before Mother's Day, etc.

Anyway, I have been buried in email by Red Envelope and Brookstone this year since Thanksgiving, or so it seems. They started sending marketing emails the second week of November. I have been thinking that the frequency of those emails has been going up in the last two weeks - I am so sick of seeing them in my inbox. Yet I cannot mark them as spam since I buy stuff from them and don't want purchase-related messages trashed. Anyway, I decided to plot the cumulative number of emails since they started in November, to see if I am right about the frequency increasing lately. Here we go:

Whee! Anyway, it turns out I am right: The slope for Brookstone is significantly steeper over the last week (1.0 vs. 0.61). And, Brookstone is the most aggressive, with Red Envelope at 0.35, and Amazon at 0.22.

We'll have to see what the next week brings.

Yes, I am a geek.