14 December 2005

let it rain

I love it when it rains. This is the view of downtown from the webcam at KHOU a little while ago (for some reason they have their cam set to Eastern Time, what's up with that?), and below is the radar. Anyway, it's raining like Hell here! Yay! I love it! We're supposed to get 4" today... Lots of streets around my office are flooded, a couple of guys are stuck where they went for lunch (I would be having a pint myself), The rood of the building is leaking, and the parking lot is slowly flooding. I love cataclysm. Now, the tornado watch until 6 PM I can do without (that's the red box on the radar image). All this rain should wash away the dam in the bayou behind my house.

Speaking of cataclysm, I wonder if this is God punishing Houston for taking in all those people from that den of sin, New Orleans, after Katrina. Oh, no, wait, that must have been Hurricane Rita... I wonder how we have sinned this time? Maybe too many stores at the Galleria are saying "Holiday" and not "Christmas".