23 January 2006


This morning it became apparent that I should not be allowed to reproduce, should the opportunity present itself: Here in my little home away from home in Calgary, I made the little pot of coffee, sat down and worked for about an hour. Then I got up to pour a second cup, and as I tipped the pot I turned to look at the news channel and promptly poured coffee on my bare foot. OUCH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! DUH!!
Here's something odd: I woke up laughing about a dream I was having. It's great to wake up that way, it really makes for a good day. The first 20 minutes of my day are really hard for me and can really make or break the first 6 hours of my day. Anyway, the dream involved hogboddy666, a Rolls Royce SUV, and a gnome. I have no idea what it was about.
The SUV part reminded me of something I meant to post about while in Paris. There is an American lady who works in the office there who has been in France for 16 years. She was asking about Bush, the economy, etc. I mentioned that high gas prices were hitting the pockets of SUV owners, and she stopped me dead in the sentence and asked "What's an SUV?" I must have looked stunned that an American was asking me this, because she said "We hear a lot about America here, but not a lot about America."  I found this really interesting. Basically, just as we have preconceived notions about other countries and cultures without much actual knowledge, everybody else has an opinion about us, but they do not know much about us.
On the other hand, neither do we.