01 January 2006

one hella commute

Here we go! I am going to be "commuting" for work between Houston and Paris (OK, out in the suburbs, but on the RER!!) over the next year. I'll be spending about half my time in France for the first part of the year, then maybe more, depending on visas and blah blah blah. I'll be spending a bit of time traveling to North Africa and the Middle East and Canada as well, and then the rest of my time back in Houston. Lots of time in airplanes. G-Hopp's managing the zoo at home for a couple of months. The ex will be taking the pups at the end of January. It's a very exciting opportunity, but a but of a whip: I will still be doing my same job and then some new responsibilities as well.

I'll really miss my friends here, and of course SHG. But fortunately he'll be able to come visit me there over some of my time there. The way to approach this challenge is with excitement not dread. I've got an apartment there, which I know nothing about... today I begin packing. Oh geez. I leave Wednesday. Oh geez. Stress. Excitement. I am looking forward to it, but it is bittersweet to spending so much time away from my home, my critters, my friends, and SHG.

So over the next year, you'll be able to see where I am by the flag to the right at the top of the blog! Today, Texas! Thursday, France!