19 January 2006

spin and duh

Well, I had this nice, well put-together post about crap in online newsletters, but have somehow managed to delete it, misplace it, or something. So here's the short version.
From the Houston Business Journal, we learn that Texas will lure oodles more Chinese Tourists! Well, now that's interesting. Of course, if you read the piece and know much about marketing, you see that Texas Tourism, a state agency will have a booth at an expo for Chinese travel agents in Beijing. So the oodles will be one or 100,000, you figure it out.
From forbes.com, comes an insightful bit in their Executive Toy box column. It seems that the CEO of IPWireless (looks like a pretty high-tech company to me) just loves Skype and just figured out call forwarding! Whee! A cookie for him!