20 March 2006

I need your religion

Oh, here we go. This was the email awaiting me this morning at work:

I need your religion

I am waiting for my entry visa for Saudi Arabia, and today it popped up that they need my religion clarified. They seem to think I am Jewish. My last name, when spelled with one "n" on the end is traditionally European Jewish. However, mine is spelled with a double "n" at the end, and we're not. I'm Irish Catholic and so is Mom, Dad is German Lutheran. Well, now I have my folks scrambling up in NJ to find three pieces of paper to document what each of us three are. My poor folks. Of course, they are highly organized, and have them all, but now they have to find them, copy them, and get to FedEx in time to get them here ASAP (for a mere...well...you don't want to know how much "next flight" costs, so 2nd day will have to do). Let's hope the visa goes through at the embassy here (oh, you're in France? why aren't you in the U.S.?) with minimal drama in the morning.

Ugh. It's their country, they can do what they want. Fine. But come on. I bet somebody in the foreign ministry there (where the letter of invitation is coming from) typed it in wrong with one "n" and it flagged Jewish and now I am flagged in their system. No matter that my passport is full of Middle Eastern visas already. What a fucking whip.

Of course, I'm sure things like this never happen in our country.

ان شاء الله