13 April 2006

full moon walk

The craziness of the last week is over. Finally. After getting really sick on the way home from France, going through my mail and tidying my house, having a trade show in Houston complete with long days capped by customer dinners and such, and finally teaching a class at U of Houston tonight, I had a nice quiet drink with SHG after his French class and came home to the puppies. They have been here since I got back and will be here for another 10 days. They have been readjusting to being here and really rambunctious, so we went for our second walk of the day. But it was a much better walk than the ones until now, since I did not have so much on my mind, stressing about getting shit done, leaving to beat traffic or needing to go to bed. Instead we walked at midnight through quiet Stepford in the light of the full moon and looked at the stars and peed on things (well, not me). It was so relaxing, and we went to long way too.

It's good to be home. Tomorrow I will do "cleanup" at the office and move into my new office as well, my secretary has orders to tell everybody I'm busy. Then Friday starts a nice vacation of about 10 days. I will of course still do some work to catch up and keep up during that time, but I will be fixing some things around the house getting it ready again to sell and taking care of a bunch of "stuff" I need to do. But right now, after a few drinks and brisk long walk to get them running through my system, I am just plain happy to be home.