10 May 2006

Toyota Camry: The Lexus of the Working Poor. In Texas.

I just posted this comment to blogHouston about this entry pointed out by SHG. I bet they delete my comment. So here it is...
Although posts to blogHOUSTON normally get my blood working, I do not feel the need to comment. However, this one really gets my blood pressure up in that it shows a clear lack of understanding of what 1. "lower-income" means and 2. "left wing" means.

"Lower-income" people drive Toyota Camrys that "get good gas mileage"? Lower income than, say, the upper-class. The Camry is clearly an upper-middle class car, with mediocre mileage, especially with the V6. Unless you have a used one that is 10-15 years old, but it still gets mediocre mileage. It is a fairly large car. Because the Woodlands, Kingwood, and Katy are infested with them, but the very wealthy neighborhoods of River Oaks and Rice Village are not, does not make them "lower" income cars in the sense of the true working middle class, and definitely not the working poor.

There is no concerted "Left" movement in the U.S. OK, maybe the Democratic is to the left of the Republican party, but it is a misguided centrist coalition. You want "Left"? Look to places like Europe.

No, I'm not an SUV-hater - I have one myself; No, I'm not a tree-hugger - I work in the oil industry. However, I am so far left of what is considered "Left" in the U.S. it will make your eyes bleed. I've just had my ears catch fire this column irritated me so much, especially when your commenting agreement requires no flaming, but that is clearly what this column is: A huge flame that is myopic and factually questionable.