01 June 2006

i am going to turn into a croissant if i do not post by midnight!!

or at least that was my thought when I suddenly realized I had not posted in over a week!!! Well, it's been busy around here with SML visiting, SHG here, going to Amsterdam for the long weekend, and work work work.

And, well, being completely isolated from the media now - I barely can follow international news on the TV, let alone read it in the paper - I am blissfully unaware of what is going in the world and at home in the U.S. So, I have a lot less to get pissy and vent about.

Except lines. The French are absolutely incapable of forming a line for anything except the bakery (because a croissant is a work of art). It really works my nerves.

And motorcycles here. They zoom in and out of traffic like hornets. I saw one wreck just after it happened this morning, and felt no sympathy. Then I saw a pedestrian (who admittedly had it coming) nearly get killed by one. The problem was that it was somebody from my company. It makes me miss our relatively sane bikers at home.

And the weather here. It's cold cold cold, 45 in the AM, maybe 55 in the PM. And rain rain rain. I have not seen the sun for more than a few minutes in weeks.

On the other hand, I am 3/4 of the way through Book 5 of Harry Potter and thoroughly enjoying it. I did a little speed comparison for how I read vs SHG, and it was shocking. No shit: For every two pages he reads, I read 2/3 of ONE. He reads 3x as fast I do (yes, yes, same book). I feel like I am retarded or something, I read so slow. But I eat faster than he does.