18 July 2006

Blog stats

I was messing around in sitemeter for the first time in a long time, and took a look at my blog viewing stats for the last year. They are above as you can see. Big spike in September of last year with the hurricanes. And then since January a steady decline... as I have simply posted less, and less, and then yet less. It's not that I have lost interest, I think I have been losing energy this year and just collapse at the end of the day. And I have been busy, but that is so trite: everyone is busy.

What is is interesting is that when you look at the stats for a given month, you can see daily fluctuations with when I post - most people are using newsreaders that let them know if something is new. Then there is a core group who must be checking every couple of days or so. Then there are the random views, like my most recent one from an MSN search on "I want to be an 11 year old fashion model in Kingwood TX." Oh my God, TOO FUNNY!!

Anyway, I will try harder to post now and then.