10 July 2006

Just plugging along

Well, long time, no post, eh? I have been a combination of busy and apathetic. I am back in France now, but the week before coming back was hectic with getting my McMansion in Stepford ready to go back on the market. The good news is that in the first ten days there have been as many showings as last Fall over three months! Yay! Of course some of the feedback from the people looking at it is that is dark on the inside, needs better interior decorating. Well, I have trees all around to keep it cool, and Martha Stewart I am not. Sorry. If you cannot get past the decor, then you can suck my left nut.

Anyway, life here in France is pretty ho-hum, been working long days and otherwise sleeping. Except for the World Cup activity of course. What a great game last night. I mean, Yes, we (well, I was rooting for France because I am here, but also because Italy beat Germany) lost, but the content was good. I was at a friend's house, which was fun. I could get into watching soccer again if all games were so interesting. I can not believe Zidane. What was up with that head-butt? What an idiot.

Otherwise, current events in the U.S. have been vexing me, but as usual SHG has it summed up on his page and on his Houston Chronicle blog. But, I saw this ad this morning on the NY Times site, and it just shot my blood pressure up. THIS is a practical solution for everyday life in the U.S.? WTF, a Hummer? Maybe in Iraq. Oh no, wait, that's an annex of the U.S. now. Never mind.