03 August 2006

pet peeve #3288732997412

I have this thing about how my fingernails look. My father burned into my brain that your hands reflect you and your "position" in society. So, I always have neatly trimmed, clean, fingernails. My hands used to be calloused when I was in grad school from doing field work, but now I have "office" hands, although I think they look a little old for 36.

Anyway, I was working with somebody today on a project, and he has the most disgusting chewed-down fingernails I have seen in a long time. They are chewed halfway down. ICK. They are actually distracting when you are looking at maps and pointing on the computer screen. It is probably a nervous habit - he's a great guy, brilliant. But what kind of first impression does that make on somebody? Ruddy hands from manual labor are fine - you can still take care of them.

I have a thing about hands, I love looking at people's hands. Most people have nice hands, in good shape. Am I in the minority in looking at people's hands? Does it matter? Do they actually make an impression?