11 August 2006

$pin cycle

Since I am in the selling/buying a home process at the moment, I get a newsletter from a local realtor. Not always useful, not always interesting. But this ditty about laundry rooms adding massive value to your home grabbed my attention. He claims they are a new $tatus $ymbol. Please.

From my conversations with my realtor, you never get the money you put, say, into a kitchen back out when you sell - only a portion of it, and it makes it sell faster. But the page ref'd above says that a nice laundry room can add $30K to the value of a house.

Now, note that this guy is in Houston, where adding $30K to the average, or even an upper-end home (maybe even high-end) is a huge amount of money. You have got to be kidding me. You read this thing and it sounds more like installing a laundry servicing room for your servants than a place where real people function. I mean, to do all he suggests we're talking about a sizable amount of space. Geez.