11 August 2006

watching TV the other night

The other night I was watching TV here in Paris, something I rarely do. It was a trip (maybe because I drank a bottle of wine whilst watching). First, a documentary on Russia, including the Hermitage. I found myself understanding most it, and then realized that I had seen it before a few years ago at home in English! Then, it was this "game show" where people do weird things like going down a water slide into a massive pool in a huge foam rubber duckie costume and swimming to their team on a raft, who are dressed as fish, sea horses, sharks, and had done the same. Bizzare, including a big live audience. Then a show about the history of mimes. Lots of mimes. Naked ones, costumed ones, dancing ones. I hate mimes. Then, the finale: Will and Grace in French. I have never watched it more than 5 mins, and I did not think it could be gayer then. I was wrong. I did not understand a damned thing: Either my French is not good enough or I am not gay enough. Or both.