15 October 2006

Best. Tradeshow Give-away. Ever.

Part of my job as marketing guy is to take care of all things related to trade shows for our company. Design the booth, make the arrangements, handle brochures, and select what's known in the trade as trinkets and trash - the little tchotchkes that you use to lure potential prospects to you booth, or to simply get your company name in front of them.

Anyway, there is a company called Katch Kan that makes safety flooring and fluid containment systems for drilling rigs, well sites, etc. One product is called the Zero-Spill System. Pretty cool stuff. But even cooler was their give-away, a miniature Zero-Spill System.

Take a guess as to what it is... I'll give you a hint: A very important, personal zero-spill system. Lubricant not included.