05 October 2006

Good time. My head hurt this morning.

Last night, myself, SHG, hogbody666, sml, and M went to the Petrol Stop, a new-ish place in Garden Oaks (OMG, outside the Peripherique, I had to get my passport). Nice place (though the wine glasses could have been washed a little more thoroughly), somewhere between quiet and busy, steady comings and goings. We had a really good time, talking, laughing hard, being silly, etc.

But the star of the evening was this dude:

We M and hogbody666 each had 1 after some other beers. I had 4 after a glass of wine, and SHG had 3 after 2 glasses of wine. It whacked us on our asses. It tasted great and really packs a punch. We named them "little purple bullets." We had Reserve #3, Double IPA at 9.5% ABV alcohol. Ouch. Greatness.

Thank God McDonald's was open on the way home.