03 October 2006

I hope her career is on the Tidy Bowl Man's ship

I have come to hate Condi Rice. I just cannot stand that fucking bitch. She is clearly highly intelligent, has the best of intentions, and is way out of her depth in this job. She belongs back in an academic department where she came from. Read this from SHG's Houston Chronicle blog, and the comments that go with it, if you want your blood pressure to go up. I am going to start reading Woodward's new book soon.

Speaking of things that are pulling the wheels off the Republican Party, the new (well, a few days old) Foley "scandal" is annoying me. The age of consent in Washing DC is 16 for boys. Whoops. OK, if they were chatting in FL, that's different. In any event, it is not what he did that drives me up a tree (though it is gross); it is the fact that House leadership knew about the complaint etc. months ago. Hello? I thought they were the party with morals, who know right from wrong. Whoops.

Not that the Democrats are much better. And when Clinton lied under oath was totally unacceptable. But the way the current administration has been handling pretty much everything is reprehensible. I hope the Republican Party gets its ducks in a row. For its own sake.