03 October 2006

my head is going to explode from fucking iTunes

And I do not mean that I was hate-fucking iTunes. I mean I fucking hate iTunes so much that I want to ram it down that damned black turtle-necked demigod Steve Jobs' throat.

See, I had to reformat my computer last month. I very carefully backed up, blah blah blah. Including all my music and iTunes *.itl files. Fine.

Not really. I finally got around to re-installing iTunes. Which really means I downloaded the new version. What a fucking disaster. It started converting all my files into .aac files. UGH. Well I killed that. My mistake on allowing it convert. But suddenly, all kinds of bizarre duplicates starting showing up. Before this little game I had NONE. After all, when bored in a drab apartment in Paris, what's a boy to do but organize his music? Well now there were duplicates dated with impossible dates: There would be the original and then two extras with dates a few months later. And then perhaps today's if that song was converted today.

So I just spent two fucking hours re-cleansing. Thanks Apple. I hate you. I really, really do. More than Condi Rice.