15 October 2006

This thing sucks!!

My vacuum cleaner began to seriously die about 3 months before I moved to France. Before that, it just kind of became less effective with time. A house with 4 cats and 2 big dogs is tough on on a vacuum, so I would take it apart and clean it out every couple of months, and clean or replace the filters (it's one of those bagless wind-tunnel deals). I began to think about buying a Dyson. I had heard about them, seen them in catalogs, etc etc. But $400 - $600 for a vacuum? Please. I kept reading, heard from friends they were great, etc. So, I slowly thought about getting one.

When I moved out of the house in Stepford I declared the Hoover dead. Dead Dead Dead. And vowed to buy a Dyson. Living with SHG temporarily, the four cats have really challenged his vacuum, and two of his carpets have this nap that just grips the cat hair (I think it actually pulls it out of them!). I finally snapped this weekend and bought a DC14 Animal - not top of the line, but damed close to it, and SHG donated his 20%-off coupon to the cause, a nice $110 savings.

I took the puppy for a spin this morning and HOLY SHIT does this thing rock! The carpets look like new! You could make two cats out of what it pulled out of just two area rugs! The suction is amazing!

So if you are thinking of buying one of these things and can stomach the price, do it. I love mine.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we took the Triumph to go get it, and well, it did not fit in the trunk...