04 November 2006

How to vote often

OK, obviously I am not about to suggest voter fraud.

What I am suggesting is that you get your friends and family out to vote on Tuesday.

One of the rights accorded to American citizens is the vote. People here seem to forget how valuable this is, especially when completely overwhelmed by advertising and mud-slinging in the weeks running up to an election.

Many people do not vote because they think "my vote won't count, so-and-so is going to win anyway". No, not true. Your vote does count. Look at what happened in Florida 6 years ago. I have been apathetic in the past but dragged my ass out anyway, and have a nearly perfect voting record, second only to my Dad's. My father came to this country from Germany in 1956 and votes in every single election, no matter how small.

And you should do the same. Or at least vote in the ones that have a significant local or national, and even international, impact. And get others to vote. This Tuesday is important as it will impact the tilt of Congress and the effectiveness of the White House, as well as set the course for the next Presidential election in 2008.

So vote often by getting others out there: those who would vote the same way as you. But get them all to vote, regardless of which way they tilt, as I am trying to do with you.