12 November 2006

i don't get it

This post and subsequent rants in the comments over at BlogHouston pretty much exemplify why 1. I wander over there to see what they are squawking about every day and 2. it gets my blood pressure up. This one is especially egregious, for two reasons. Wait, not egregious. Arrogant.

First, the city has tried to do several things that clearly crush the freedom of the people of Houston: 1. Light Rail, 2. Development of Midtown, and 3. other examples not relevant to the post. Essentially, anything the City tries to do falls into the interfering-with-the-freedom-and-will-of-the-people category.

Second, the people approved referendums supported by the Mayor in last week's elections. Why? Because he duped us. Because we are stupid.

In this post, you can see two of their core values shining through. The core values are that 1. the Free Market is always right and 2. the people are always right, except when they conflict with BlogHouston and their narrow group (relative to what I assume their readership is, which I assume is much much larger than my ~30-40 a day) of commenters (which consists of approximately, on average, 1 dissenter).

And guess who that is.