03 November 2006

It is finally autumn

oooo it was chilly this morning here in Houston - 45F! I have become so thin-skinned since moving here from the Northeast - almost 10 years ago. The weather has been fantastic for the last couple of weeks - nice days, cool nights, occasional rainy days. Just what Fall should be. Oh, and the tap water is actually cold!!

We went out to the bars Saturday night and tore it up with friends, saw the costume contest on Pacific Street. While fun, it was sad in a way - the fourth largest city in the U.S., and to quote my friend K who was there "such a sad turnout - you know there are far more fags in this city than this."

Anyway, SHG and I have been out shopping or running errands here and there, and have our requisite pumpkin-objects for the season. I had to buy some sweaters and long socks since all my shit is still in storage. Grrrr....

We also saw this stranded Croc that some child managed to kick off in defiance of it's Bobo mother.

Finally, the Crockoffs have begun, here seen at Target:

Run. Away. Quickly. Free your feet!!