19 April 2007


Tuesday night I attended the montly dinner meeting of a professional organization for the GBLT community here in Houston. Two things happened that just made my brain twist up and go "eh?"

1. The speaker was the president of Pride Houston, and was presenting their general proposal to move Pride from Montrose to Downtown. Fine, lots of good reasoning, both logistical and economic, though none very compelling in my opinion. One of the arguments has to do with the physical location of the Festival, and that parts of it wind up in icky locales. This apparently ghetto-izes Pride. Ghetto-ize? Huh? Is that a word? Apparently so. Ghetto-ize?

2. We are working hard on our webesite, and as Membership Committee Co-Chair, I have a doc I need on there that can be downloaded. Miscommunication and they are trying to make it a webform. I explained "No, just a right-click, Save target as" deal. The webmeister looked at me in bewilderment. "Just a link you right-click, and save the doc from."

The response? "Oh, I use a Mac, I don't know what right-click is". You're a professional web dude and you don't know what right-click is? You've been drinking too much black-turtleneck punch. Apple Bottom.