02 April 2007

Not only too much hand luggage....

I fly a lot for work. Whine whine whine. Enough of that. BUT, when you fly from London Gatwick, you are only allowed 1 piece of carry-on luggage. ONE. They tell you over and over and over. In fact "a lady's purse counts as one item." I usually have two, the amount you are generally allowed: My briefcase and a small bag that holds a week's worth of stuff (well, for me, since I have no issues recycling socks and I don't wear underwear).

Anyway, back to the rant: I hate waiting for my luggage. So I pack light. I carry on, like a good little passenger, my shit fits in the overhead. Yesterday on the way home, had to check the rolly-bag. Fine, rules are rules from the U.K. THEN, while boarding several people come on with 2 or even 3 items!! I nearly had the vapours I was so incensed. Ask SHG. I wish the chick above was there to slap people with her sassy gloves.

But the fun did not end there. No no no. Of course we had the usual surly flight crew. Fine, whatever, it's not like their jobs are all that hard: "Chicken or Beef? Chicken or Beef? Chicken or Beef? Chicken or Beef? Chicken or Beef? Chicken or Beef? Chicken or Beef? Chicken or Beef?" No, we had the annoying bobo American couple in front of us with a loin-fruit that clearly knows he wears the Huggies in the family. Why do people negotiate with their children? When I was a kid, I knew how to behave in public. Behave like you want others to behave. But not even adults are capable of that any more. The father was even playing with the kid (about 4) in such a way that he screeched with glee. While the rest of the plane was sleeping. Or pretending to. UGH.

I think there should be a cheap-assed business traveler section: Seats further apart so you can actually use your laptop, or recline more and stretch out. And no children.

Enough. No need to burst a blood vessal at this hour.

Anyway, came home to the zoo! Yay! And some of the daily reports from the sitter were, err, enjoyed, by the cats!