17 May 2007

Hello out there

Hey y'all, long time no post, eh? Well its not like its your fault. I have had a lot on my plate, though I cannot really complain I have no time - I have certainly wasted some time escaping my responsibilities by wandering the web.

No travel at the moment, just a couple of wee trips here and there. Off to Norway again in June.

Visit with M&D was very nice, just the standard stuff with one's folks getting on your nerves and under the same small roof to boot. But, the visit did clarify my Dad's state of mind and health - he has some form of dementia, probably Alzheimer's, but thankfully early. I can start dealing and planning now. Mom: same fragile wrapping but more cantankerous.

Got a new phone - one of those mini computers with email and docs and stuff, like a crackberry but better in my opinion. I can deal with work email and calendar and such in between things or simply w/o the laptop. I think I am pretty good about it but SHG has hinted I occasionally show signs of addiction. Oh well, I am in love with the little thing and it gives me some freedom.

On Jerry Dickhead Fallwell: decisive, derisive, divisive. Corrosive.

Spring here is in full swing, though earlier in the week we had a small, sultry preview of Summer. Everything is in full, beautiful, lush bloom. Time to update the hurricane kits. Spring in Houston is so nice, though.

We were downtown Tuesday evening, and the nice TX flags the city has up on the light polls look great (OK maybe the city did not do it who cares?). We did have our guard up, but saw, let alone interacted with exactly 0 homeless people by Tranquility Park and the Alley Theatre at 6:30 and 8:30 PM. Phew.