27 July 2007

Belkin vs. Netgear

I just got my parents DSL Internet service - until a few weeks ago they were still on dial-up. This made my life essentially Hell when I would be visiting them.
While here this week, I wanted to set up a wireless router. It was supposed to be installed when they got the service, but only the DSL modem was installed, no router. OK, fine. So I go to Walmart (eek!) and buy a Belkin wireless router.
What a piece of shit.
I spent 5 hours trying to get it to see the Internet through the DSL modem. No go. Nice wizard, which simply was not successful What a drag, I got all kinds of annoyed over it. This should not be so hard.
Returned it. Went to Radio Shack. Bought a Netgear for just a little more $. Set up and going fine on the Internet and with wireless for my laptops in about 15 minutes. Much better.
I have figured out that you can use Windows Messenger to have somebody request help and you can take over their computer and show them how to do things or fix problems. Cool! It took me about 30 minutes to set up for my Dad and I - getting the Windows Messenger software installed, getting us both accounts, configuring, and testing. Way, way, cool.
But that Belkin piece of crap: Never again.