06 July 2007

Day 25

Today is the 25th day of rain here in Houston. 13 inches of rain so far. Past the avg. rainfall for July so far. My street has flooded twice so far, including today. A long time resident of the street said that it does maybe once every 2 yrs. Hrmmm.

Anyway, the bayous are so full, that the heavy rain from today made them overbank. It's amazing watching people in their SUVs: they think they can go anywhere, but duh! If you go through 3 ft of water and the air intake is lower, oops! I know where mine is: about 42 inches, or just at the top of the fender.

Watching the news, mine is not the only street with 2 ft of water. Disaster mode! I may have to go get SHG in the truck.