23 July 2007

Democratic Debate: Grassroots soundbites

I am in NJ at my parents' house, my Mom has been really ill. We just watched the UTube/CNN Democratic debate (well, I listened and did work on my laptop). For your entertainment pleasure, I noted the more interesting comments from my folks. Enjoy!

My Dad:

on clinton: hoer auf du dumme tucke

on that "hick video question" on Gore not running: what did they say?

on that snowman global warming video: huh?

on clinton: she's always wearing slacks because her legs have gotten so fat.
Mom's response: but she has brains
Dad's retort: no, her husband is the one with brains

on edwards: you paid $400 for a haircut you stupid idiot. SOB. that's a lot of biodiesel. look how long his hair is in the back.

on clinton: you stupid... look at how all those people clap for her!

on obama: he did drugs
Mom's response: they all did
Dad's retort: no they didn't
Mom: Yes
Dad: No
Mom: Yes
Dad: No
Mom: Yes, now shut up and get me some ice cream

on clinton: ach du dumme scheiss hacke du.

Summary: Obama does not know what he is doing and thinks he knows everything. Who knows where he got all that money.

My Mom:

on richardson: idiot. he's from a nowhere state. he looks like the king of queens.

on biden: who cares that his wife has a phd. my kid has one.

on gravel: you're old! like reagan!

on edwards: if i have to listen to one more president with a southern accent, i am moving to ireland

on gravel: this guy can't speak worth a damn. they all stink. they're all losers.

on kucinich: who's that?

on biden: he's not aging well

on obama: his teeth are too big to be president, i am not paying for all his Crest. he's not bad.

on edwards: he is not going anywhere.

on dodd: shut up go away

on biden's utube video: that doesn't look like the other tube yous, they look like shit.

on dodd: shut up

on biden: he might make a good president

on clinton: she's the only one. and that's not saying much. but she looks good for almost 60.

Summary: Biden is the dark horse.