16 August 2007


I work really hard. We all tend to, so whining about that is pretty trite. My thing is that I spend, no joke, about 80-90% of my day in meetings. I have to do my "real" job at night or weekends. I really love my job, so I do not mind.

But with the state my folks are in, and being so far away, it is straining me. A lot. Travel for work does not help. Yes, whine whine whine.

I have been pretty sick and run down for about 2 weeks, and just completely melted down tonight. It was helpful.

My home is my castle, but also my refuge and my oasis. The inside is almost done, with the exception of the dining room. My living room is half refuge, half library. My office is truly a peaceful study. My bedroom is nice and quiet. The kitchen is perfect.

The yard is, literally, this tropical oasis. I bought the house in November and a lot had died back, and in January I had a big clean up. I had a certain vision of the yard in mind, and had nothing I needed to do. As Spring came and now Summer wears on, all sorts of things pop up that I have no idea what they are. And I have snails, lizards, and lots of cool, scary looking spiders with their webs. It's really beautiful and relaxing. I am lucky to have fans outside so I can sit, for short periods when it is hot.

Anyway, here are some pix of the oasis. Apologies for some blurriness, blame it on my annoying digital camera. Need to take hogbody666 up on his offer. Also some pix of my best friends.