20 September 2007

I am sick of pink.

Ed. update!
Check out this link, courtesy of Honeychild!

OK, let's preface this one:

My Mom had cancer, had the whole radical hysterectomy, and is a survivor.

I have done the Race for the Cure for breast cancer.

I wholeheartedly support charity efforts to raise awareness and funding for medical research of cancer and Alzheimer's, and do my little parts here and there.


Why must everything now come in some flavor of Breast Cancer Pink? It's almost as bad as those damned Livestrong bracelets. I think people buy these things as a trendy, pseudo "I care" thing. Of course, I am sure many people buy whatever they can in Breast Cancer Pink because they want to support the cause as it has somehow touched their lives.

OK, I can pretty much get that. Gripe a bit, but I can get it.


A Breast Cancer Pink Dyson vacuum cleaner? Ugh.

So do you think Dyson does it for the charity? Or to appeal to the Breast Cancer Pink demographic and sell more vacuums?

*Thanks to SHG for the pix...