04 September 2007

I did it. And I am not proud.

After living in Houston for over 7 1/2 years, I went to The Galleria for the first time. Ever. I detest driving around the area, and just do not like like malls in general. I have been very proud of the fact that I have never been there, and enjoy the looks of shock from people when I tell them I have never been there.

So, what precipitated this unprecedented event? I wanted to take SHG to the Apple Store to pick out his birthday present. It was either that or pack a lunch, passport, and an overnight bag in case of hurricanes and drive up to the Woodlands Mall.

Yes, yes, his birthday was 1+ months ago. Bad boyfriend.

Anyway, I hated almost every minute of being there. An irritating parking garage surely designed by some dyslexic monk, four people in a row driving right through stop signs, the bitch that cut me off and nearly got a Land Rover up her Corolla ass, people unable to walk in the presence of others, parents feeling that their loin-fruit entitle them to not get out of the way or be polite (oh Billy, please don't touch that), etc etc.

There was even a Bobo alter for Croc Worship erected:

Finally, we went to the Eddie Bauer store so I could try on some fat-jeans. And then came the bonus of the trip: A sale! 50% off the lowest marked price, which was already 50% off. In other words, shirts for $7. Yay!

Well, I survived it all. Hopefully another 7 years will pass before I go again.

You will be happy to hear, though, that the Christmas decorations are not up.