07 October 2007

Travelling with amateurs

So here I am in Newark airport, at a 'stop-over' on the monorail on my way to the terminal. I am on my way home to Houston from a mini-crisis trip to see my folks.

The trains are not running on full schedule b/c it is Sunday and there is maintenance. Anyway, the little monorail concierge told us to get off at A, change, and continue on. As in, everybody get off at A. OK, easy. You'd think.

So on the way to A, this little whelpling is crying that she is cold. Well, if her parents had not put her in well-ventilated crocs, maybe she would not be quite so cold. A quick glance at the parental units confirms that they never should have bred.

Of course, when it is time for us all to get off, they do not. They stand there like morons. This being NYC, nobody tells them to get off until the irritable concierge comes along and tells them to. The parents sprint off, little kids lagging behind, doors closing, mother starts screaming, drama drama drama.

Hello stupid woman, usher children along WITH you if you really care about them.

Her comment after all that while we stand here waiting now? "Geez that train is dangerous."

Maybe I should tell her about bloghouston.