17 November 2007

Alien, or New iPod 'phones?

So, I have been to the see the neurologist lately... more on that at some point when the results of the all the poking and prodding come back.

Here's me getting an EEG yesterday. I went first thing before work. Bad idea. Very bad. They did not bother to tell me that they attach the alien knowledge suckers to your head with axle grease. I had a meeting I HAD to go to - like a mission-critical one. So on with the baseball cap. Now, I work for a big big big big company in the oil & gas sector, but am hidden in R&D, so we get away with a really lax dress code (some guys in shorts and sandals), but I had to go home and WFH for the rest of the day after my meeting b/c I was going nuts with my literally greasy hair. And if one more person asked about the ball cap, I was going lose it. But I did get to write "Fri - WFH due to very bad hair day" on my white-board on my door.

Anyway, here's another thought - I was thinking that a rig like I had on could be the next wave in iPod headphones, rather than these: