17 November 2007

Whaddya gonna do?

If you have a moment and like to read National Geographic, I recommend this month's issue. Well, even if you do not like it, I recommend it.

Memory is such an odd thing. I actually have a mind like a sieve in many ways. That worries me, because whatever form of dementia my father has, and I think it could well be Alzheimer's, and that one runs in families. Eek. I am really bad with names, and have always been with rote memorization (M&A always killed me in Mineralogy with those damned formulas and crystal structures), but now, well,l forget it.

I remember some important moments in life pretty vividly, but I really rely on photos to jogg my mind. There are some periods where I wish I could remember more, regardless of what happened, and I just cannot - blankie wankie on that. Unless I can dig up some photos.

Something interesting is that most of my memories of Matt are there - were they burned in by his murder?

My Dad is getting worse. The other day he was talking to me about me in the third person - as in "I hope his boss [who is out on med leave] gets better down there in Texas." But the "his" was referring to my Uncle's name. Just everything all out of whack.

On Thursday he did not remember going to the doctor two days before, or telling him that he feels like his mind is slipping and he is deteriorating. Well, the doc called me, and let me know about this conversation, and about his gait - shuffly and unsteady. Well shit.

Dr. Dr. who kind of brushed off my concerns over the last year now goes and submits a form to the State Division of Motor Vehicles stating that he does not think my father is capable of driving safely anymore. Here is the thing that kills me on this one - it is not because of his mind or confusion! Behind the wheel he is OK so far. Fuckity fuck fuck. My Mom has not driven in a while, pretty much because she has a propensity for hitting things (thankfully, stationary objects at low speeds).

So you take a reclusive couple, not in great health, who do need to get out and about, and take away the drivers' license? They have no friends, and are friendly with the neighbors only on a "shovel the walkway" level. I am the only living relative in the U.S. Whaddya gonna do?

A. Long term effort continues - get them to move down here.
B. Short term solution - put Mom back behind the wheel. Thank God for airbags.