24 December 2007

bad cust serv day for txyankee

OK. I did not purchase a single thing for Christmas without leaving my den. Which means that there has been a steady parade of packages coming to the house since I got out of the hospital around the 5th.

Except one. An important one. You know, the one that has the gifts for my friends here in it. I have been keeping an eye on it for two weeks using the "track your order dealie thingie, and it has been stuck at a sorting center in Dallas since the 14th.

I sent two emails. No answer. Finally I lost my patience and called this morning.

First, a useless wench at Signals got herself very confused because the order shipped in more than one package.
The next wench had to put me on hold several times (to go check the missing package?) before determining that the package had been delivered. Well, that's not what your online tracking system says.
Wench: Well it's wrong.
Me: So you have a faulty online package tracking system? What is it, a placebo system?
Wench: Our records show you you have the package.
Me: No, I do not have the package, your records show it was delivered.
Wench: That is what I said.

OK, at this point I was not going to get into the no-so-finer points of English with her.

Me: Anyway, it is not in my sticky little fingers and I want it.
Wench: OK we will send a replacement and you will get it tomorrow.
Me: TOMORROW? Like Christmas Day?
Wench: yes, they deliver until 5.

Well, she told me and won. So in the end, pseudo-kudos to Signals customer service.