31 December 2007


Well, I finally did it.
My friends have been hearing, oh I am going to... etc... for over a year. And I have not done one stitch about it.
Can you guess what I did over the weekend?

Heh, here is a clue, can you figure out what it is supposed to mean? It says #1 HEAD.

No, it is not an award.

Mary, the drill is crooked. This is what SHG should have said, but did not... Did not matter, I screwed that fucker deep anyway. With the drill.

Here I look like a Lesbian with a power tool. Do you think it makes me look fat? Or am I that way anyway?

No answers from the Peanut Gallery, please.

Et voila!!

Yes, I finally made the table top to make my pool table convertible to a dining room table for 10! And back again, with 3 easy, ordered panels! (hence, #1, for the Head of the table, where I sit) I even bought a router for the job (cheaper than renting!).

Now mind you, this thing gets like a C in High School shop class. A lipstick lesbian would shriek in horror at the sheer brutality of it. It will be dutifully constantly draped in a pad and table cloth at all times lest some queen see it and think it is prop for a work-shop porno. But for now I like looking at my "handiwork".

Now, I need 10 chairs, on the tall side, and a new chandelier, because the one that is there HAS GOT TO GO, even I am mortified by it.

And then the first dinner party.