31 December 2007

Good bye and Piss Off 2007

Tell you what. I am so over 2007. It was a bad year in many ways, which overshadow all the good things that happened, of course.

I love my job, it is awesome. But I am also so overworked it makes your hair follicles bleed. (OK, metaphorically) And part of this is my own fault, too career-oriented. Have that one burned into my frontal lobe by my folks.

Ah. My folks. Love them. They drive me NUTS. They look out for me and keep what they feel is best for me in front of them at all times, always want to help me out. But now the roles are changing. The dementia/Alzheimer's of my Dad. The assorted health woes of my Mom. The new mini-strokes my Dad has been having. And the falls.

Thank God nothing broken. Yet. Fucking ice and snow up there - but they are not willing to move down here for the winters yet. So they brave the ice. Hell, not even Meals on Wheels will do that.

Stress. Too much. No vacation again. THAT WILL CHANGE IN 2008. Period. I promised SHG, the light in my life, guiding me around in my semi-darkness as I bump into shit, that we will go in March to the Southern Hemisphere. Depending on the continent, we may see P&N.

I have outsourced my entire life, even my laundry (sad, eh?) to reduce stress. My back hurts so much I cannot tell you. Why? Because the muscles in my neck have pulled my neck straight, away from the curve it should have. I just internalize everything. Maybe I should start losing my temper and throwing shit again.

And then, my appendix exploded. Interrupting the start of PT for my neck and back. Friggin' thing. Made me fall off my little exercise wagon and lose 17 lbs and regain part of it back all the wrong way. Well, at least that cannot happen again.

My dogs have to go to Austin to live with my ex in January, around the 15th. His turn to have them, it is only right and fair. But I am already very upset by it. I think we will be on a three month rotation now, as he bought a house.

Enough of all this shit. See ya later 2007 and Piss Off. I am off to ring in 2008 with some friends, and be less stressed, see my far away friends more (A&V, A, D, C, this means you!), and just force it to be a better year. Get the 'rents down here and vacation are priority #1. Period.

To quote an old friend, We're going to all have fun now if it kills us! Dammit!
So 2007, here is a skull with a ribbon for ya. Now get outta here.