07 December 2007

Just where the Hell have YOU been, txyankee?

Hey Kids

While I was up north, actually on the day of my last blog post, my body decided that I needed a break from just about everything. So, it started to hurt kinda funny. Which of course I ignored. The next day, it still hurt, even worse. Which I ignored.

Then body got really pissed off on the airplane ride back to TX the night of the 30th. So I got really drunk to try to kill and ignore the pain.

Well, body struck back and after picking me up and allowing me a pit stop at home to:
1. say hi to my dogs
2. eat some pumpkin pie
3. put on underwear
SHG took me to the hospital.
That was one week ago tonight.

Body won. It had ruptured my appendix on the plane and spread bad nasties in an aggressive infection of my my right side. Well whee. So I spent 5 days in the hospital. My God did it fucking hurt. It still does (home now, thankfully). My standard for pain had always been my Wisdom Teeth, but this now wins. Post-op pain was worse than pre-op. And then I was inflicted with TV for 5 days for lack of anything else to do - I could not read, my eyes kept screwing up w/the pain killers.

Oh yeah, they are not pain killers. They are pain managers. I have been in constant pain for 8 days, nothing kills it off completely. Well, I guess they would if I took enough. But I don't suppose that is the point, is it?


  • Hospital beds, well at least mine at Memorial Hermann North West, are like Soviet cots.
  • Using a pee-bottle is easier said than done while in bed.
  • Nurses have shitty jobs but are usually so nice. I do not know how they do it. I had several great nurses and I gave them chocolate and will send them a card too.
  • Not-nice nurses are also shitty nurses. So I would plague them by making my IV alarm go off.
  • Good surgeons are hard to track down b/c they are busy, but at least mine spent lots of time with me when he got to me every day. He was very honest without being dramatic. He did not say I almost died, but did make it clear that had I waited until the next day and just seen my family doctor, things would have been much worse.

The good that came out it all: I have not had a cigarette since I flicked my half-done smoke into the dark as I hobbled into the ER.