16 December 2007

Toys. For me.

SO. Right before my appendix exploded, I bought myself a new toy for Christmas.

It is a limited production model of the Honda S2000, a CR model. Only 1500 to be made. I looked long and hard at lots of other cars, and just kept coming back to the S2000. Two reasons: pure sports car (vs. a luxury sports car, like the Porsche Cayman, or vs. a sport luxury car, like the BMW Z4), and whoop-ass kick-your-butt performance. Every time I got out of it I was like "FUCK YEAH!". Not a lot of bells and whistles, but a 51-49 weight balance and a power-to-weight ratio that will make your toe nails curl (just ask SHG...) or genitalia seep with pleasure, depending on your personality.

It's actually a convertible - but with a hardtop installed that comes off, and no soft top. Need to get some kind temporary light-duty soft top made for emergency "oh SHIT it is RAINING!" moments.

Here's some pics.

Me and the toy.

I actually had to look in the manual to find the dipstick. It is elegantly integrated into the valve cover! Guess who felt like a dipstick...

First ouchie. Don't worry, that green thing is a water hose, not some Martin-the-Martian trim!

Honda Motor Co. picture of the CR topless.

Full stable.

I joined the S2000 Club of America (S2KCA), Lone Star Chapter. I decided that I wanted to get the most out of the new toy and make some new friends too. I want to take it to the track. I always had so much fun going to the track with Matthew that I decided I wanted to take this out there. Also, since Matthew died, my gear-headedness went away, and I want to get back into it again. Of course, the Triumph lets me do that, but that is different.

Yesterday I went on a "Drive" with the car club, and SHG came along. It was a blast. We went about 200 miles - basically north from Houston and up and around Lake Livingston and back down again. Get this - there are hills up there! And twisty roads!

The CR was a hit with all the folks in the club. I knew one guy already from work, who introduced me to the club to begin with. The CR was the star of the day, with lots of photos being taken. And much sadness that it was not broken in yet - at 6000 RPM the VTEC system kicks in, and that is where the power and fun happens. Well, for the first 500 miles you cannot go over 5000 RPM. And thus not faster than 92 MPH in 6th gear. Darn. :P

Some pictures:

I am the first white one.

Me in somebody's rear view. That won't last once the car is broken in!

Booty shot photo-op.

One guy decided to "pose" my car in a "we are not worthy" position and took this amazing picture at Lake Livingston.

And finally, me.