02 January 2008

OMG she is precious!

So, I am allergic to a bunch of antibiotics. SHG and I began to notice something about two years ago: after each meal with meat (OK, so all meals...), especially beef, I would go into a serious allergy meltdown. This was especially true with Kroger red meat.

So we tried the organic, no-hormones, no-antibiotics options from Whole Foods. Big difference. But Whole Foods is expensive and not convenient.

And then came Laura:

Laura's Lean Beef is a mainstream no-hormones, no-antibiotics option that is cost effective. And tastes good. Yay! Laura saves the day!

And she's a real person - Laura Freeman (not to be confused with Crazy Eyes over there in Crazy Waco). She's just too precious and has her own blog that is pretty effective - makes you want to read it, as it does not read as a marketing blog.

Now, if only Promised Land no-hormones, no-antibiotics milk was not owned by a wingnut.