03 February 2008

Sunday AM odds 'n ends

Yesterday was a busy day. It started out by continued work on my laptop repairs (wine left over from the night before!)


I have officially given up on it. It was to upgrade the hard drive from 100 to 160 GB. I doubled the RAM (now that was cheap). Well, reinstalling Windows is taking me days and it just generally a whip because it decides to periodically blue-screen while updating the installation from the August 2005 discs. Friggin' Windows. I think I shall instead go buy a new desktop and when I have time slowly update this one.

We then took the roof off the Honda,

Copy of DSC_0040

And ventured down to Galveston to visit with our friend B and his pack of dogs. This one is especially cute:

Copy of DSC_0009

B also has the world's biggest spit:

Copy of DSC_0027

We decided to come home early and ditch "Mardi Gras".

This morning we are having some real Mardi Gras goodies, Smiley ordered us a yummy Gambino's King Cake!

Copy of DSC_0050

This one has the Baby already in it for your convenience!

Copy of DSC_0049