13 April 2008

Look what I made

So, I have a pool table. I have been talking about getting or making a top for it so it converts to a dining table. Well, SHG and I finally did it. It involved much Home Depot and power tools, but here it is!


Now I have a MASSIVE dining table for 10. It's too cool in my opinion. Not the most professional job, but also much cheaper than a professional. My friend I's sister and he have been working on making the required custom tablecloths too! The first one is done (no, it's not the one shown up there) and it looks great! SHG came with me to buy chairs, too.

So all that is left... is to iron the table cloth... and cook and have a dinner party! SHG and I and few guests eat at it, but hiding in one little corner. Now that I have a proper tablecloth (thanks!) I must have a little dinner party. :)