17 September 2008

Wednesday Update

WELL. It's been a few days since technology has been cooperative. My cell phone is not working well at home and the data connection is flaky at best, so I have been unable to send posts to the blog. I am writing this from work. Anyway, here is the poop:
Bucky is fine. Oblivious. Enjoying the nice weather we have been having.
Still no power. No Internet (been trying it using the UPS from the computer). Cell phone very flaky at the house. Otherwise, doing OK. Lost the fence along the driveway (like 50 feet of it), which trapped the truck in the garage until yesterday when the neighbor and I finally got enough guys together to bust it up. Lost about four small (<20 ft) trees. Couple of trees leaning over so far they will have to be staked. Branches and leaves everywhere. Yard pretty much cleaned up, the lawn guys will have to finish it to make it perfect again. House undamaged as far as I can tell. Refrigerator emptied, freezer will probably have to be tonight's exercise in fun.
I am over having no power. Really over it.
Thank you everybody who has called, texted, emailed or left comments on the blog! Text messages are best! (Second only to the crank-up radio SHG lent me in terms of keeping me company when I am home alone)