22 October 2008


Web 2.0 drives me nuts. Now there is Enterprise 2.0, from the Oracle website:

Enterprise 2.0 is what happens when Web 2.0 gets down to business. Learn how to transform the enterprise with powerful, user-friendly social computing tools that change how people relate to information technology.

Oh, and what was the goal of Web 2.0? From uncov.com:

The goal of Web 2.0 was to get users first, then figure out how to make money off of them. Well, at least that's what you tell your investors. In reality, the goal is more like "get users, and hope to get acquired and become somebody else's problem". For Silicon Valley, this really is self-destructive behavior, with Yahoo being the enabling friend who brings us clean needles from his job as an orderly.

LOL! Whee!!