20 April 2009

Extended Stays...

OK, my folks are going to be here for over three weeks, so I think that makes them extended stay guests. Here are a few things I think indicate you have extended stay pests, err, guests:

  • You feel like all you do is cook and empty the dishwasher. Very Hausfrau.
  • You go from hardly cooking at all because you are single, to cooking, or at least preparing, three meals a day.
  • Your OCD goes into overdrive because you keep finding things rearranged here and there.
  • You begin to go nuts because one of your guests is a slob and you are not. More OCD.
  • You go to the grocery store three times a week rather than once every two weeks. Grocery bill skyrockets. Thankfully guests are paying it.
  • You pray that the hundreds of National Geographics you have keeps at least one of them busy.
  • The TV is on (at least in my house!).
  • You play Parcheesi.