21 April 2009

It's just not the same...

So I got my hot tub fixed the other day, yay! The water chemistry and the temperature were finally ready tonight. I decided to venture in.

Since my parents are here I could not go in naked like I normally do. I had to put on my board shorts and a T-shirt. T-shirt because I do not feel like them seeing all my tattoos should they come outside while I am in the water. They know about the kangaroo on my ankle and that is "bad enough".

Anyway, I felt pretty stupid venturing into the water, especially because some of the vegetation that served as a privacy screen from the neighboring garage apartment was swept away by Hurricane Ike. But it was nice to sit the the main seat, getting my back and shoulders massaged by the jets. I sat there for a while, just enjoying myself. Being clothed was not the same as enjoying the water naked, but oh well. Nobody came out to bother me.

Getting out with a sopping wet T-shirt was a mild adventure but I got myself fixed up so that I did not drip massively when I went into the house. A quick shower and a shave (I HATE shaving so it's been many days since I have shaved) and I feel like new. Yay!