17 September 2009

Frik, Rest in Peace

I had to put my cat Frik to sleep last night. Around 6:30 he was suddenly dragging his back legs and looked paralyzed. SHG came with me to the emergency vet, where they told me he was paralyzed from the waist down, and could not go to the bathroom in addition to not being able to walk. It was one of two things, either a pulmonary embolism or a spinal cord injury. There was really nothing that could be done for him.

Frik was a great cat, and was 12. He lived a good long life of cuddling and hissing at SHG's dog Teddy. He got along with my dogs great. He was always trying to cuddle with you and was great to curl up with for a nap.

Rest in Peace, Frik, you will be missed.