13 November 2009

I'm still alive

As usual, it has been a long time since I have posted here. Here's what's going on.

Job Hunt: Sucks

Parents: Dad is doing pretty well in Assisted Living. He sleeps a lot. Uses a walker to get around (I bought him a cool one with four wheels), pretty zippy when he wants to be! Mom is slowly adjusting to living alone. She really misses my Dad. She is saying she is boycotting Thanksgiving and Christmas because it will just not be the same without my Dad at home. *sigh* She is also sick of the weather - whereas all the trees in NJ have lost their leaves and it is in the 50's and sometimes rainy in November in NJ, here everything is green, trees have their leaves, and lots of flowers are in bloom. Oh and it's 75 and sunny.

I just got back from NJ a week ago. I was up to clean my parents' house out. Thanks to the help of several great friends, I got everything done - and it was truly a monumental task. The movers are bringing the family china, photo albums, Christmas ornaments, etc. to Texas in mid-December. I also sold the house while there! Yay!

Pets: I get the pups back on Sunday! Yay!